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2007 Kari Bovasso

So little time!
I have way too many things I am interested in. I like 4X4 trucks, shooting (firearms, target ONLY - no hunting), SCUBA diving, making jewelry, reading, boating (sail and motor - only own a motor so far (boyfriend does, anyway)), crochet, interior decorating/design, video games and computers. I've probably forgotten a few!

I just signed up for the Great Sunflower Project growing some sunflowers to attract and propagate bees! Okay I had a fluke-y set of sunflowers. They were supposed to be single headed and 6 feet tall. Some were. Some were 12-headed and 9 feet tall!

Here are some pics of my small attempt to grow sunflowers (or anything else for that matter)!!

I have a main wishlist on Kaboodle.com here.

Okay, if you're interested in specifics: here is my car wish list for the '64 Ford Falcon I am restoring:
Most items from: jcwhitney.com
JC Whitney Wish List    
Order of
Item Description SKU Price Quantity
1 Rust Inhibitor Electronic Shield CC816191 $99.99 2
2 Seatbelts Harnesses ZX483072P $69.99 Bought!
3 Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor Drop-in Item CC747496 $13.99  
4 Steering Wheel Lock w/Alarm Gorilla Wheel Lock CC507111X $89.99  
5 Cruise Control Audiovox CC810344 $124.99  
6 Horn Replacement Horn CC133191 $16.99  
7 10-function Trim Tool Remover CC813080 $9.49  
8 Flex Extension Flexible Socket Extension CC145658 $8.99  
9 RV Wheel Covers Storage Protection ZX482018U $24.99 2 pair
10 CarsCover.com Car Cover  C0U7EZDQ $59.95 Bought!


Cal-mustang Disc Brake Conversion Convert from drums Call For # $1200.00+  
Info you would need to call: it's a '64 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible, V8 289cid, original master cylinder (can change if necessary).
Here are some other personal items I would LOVE to have:
  • An underwater digital camera housing (I already own a camera: Canon PowerShot SD200 for size), or just a good underwater camera.

  • SCUBA Spare Air Tank (Pony Tank) with holster, or really any safety-related underwater gadgetry.

  • Boat trip tickets for SCUBA locally/Catalina or elsewhere.



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