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My Resume                                              download a pdf


A self-starter who can utilize a wide area of skills, knowledge, experience, and a comprehensive academic and training background, to achieve desired goals and organizational change and excellence. Seeking a challenging professional and higher leadership/management position in a change/growth environment at the technological and business edge.

Proven superior communications and people skills, high work ethics, time management, genuine leadership capabilities and administrator of resources (human, financial, and technical), promoter of teamwork, quality awareness and process/product innovation.



Software: Microsoft Office Suite: FrontPage, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Excel, Project, Word, QuickBooks Pro, HTML, PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL, CSS, Photoshop, FTP, Xara3D, ProTools, shopping cart software, Constant Contact, Mailing List databases, website services for search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, newsletters, blogs, and forums. DNS/IIS/wireless and systems backup software.

 Hardware & Operating Systems:  LANs, WANs, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Windows 2000/2003 Server, Apache Apple/Macintosh OSX 9/10



BC Media                                                                    Nov 2002 – Present

Consultant / Web Design & Hosting

::  I maintain a commercial web server to host 40+ websites; server has had 99.9% uptime for over 5 years. I resolve existing problems with network, desktop, printing, and software issues, including Internet access issues and application interface issues. I conduct first-level analysis, escalating unresolved problems to second and third-level technology personnel and/or vendors. I document resolutions and/or network changes for future reference.

::  I research and form client and vendor contracts. I procure equipment and negotiate contracts for advertising campaigns, clients, and more.  I create newspaper and other advertising campaigns.

::  I design and maintain websites and advertising brochures and other media. I conduct product demonstrations for potential customers, partners and investors. To include all aspects of e-commerce: shopping carts, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), forums, blogs, and content management systems (CMS).

::  I work with external marketing design firms and graphics designers to develop products that are both aesthetically pleasing and meet the performance requirements of the Internet.   

::  I work with desktop support staff and vendors to replace and/or upgrade systems, modifying configurations or software applications, and revising end-user procedures.

::  I assist in hardware asset management by creating a system to tag, track and manage all physical desktop assets. I report failures and issues within the network and/or software applications.


Rio Hondo College Bookstore                                        Jan 2008 – Present

Text Floor Clerk

::  Provide personal assistance to college professors, staff, and college students

    in finding appropriate supplies and/or information.

::  Setup and teardown of additional computer workstations, printers, point-of-sale components, and other networking equipment. Including technical support on existing workstations.

::  Assist management in textbook receiving and returns processing, as well as 

school course adoptions and data entry.


::  Handle all aspects of cashiering, including textbook buybacks from students;

cash transactions.


Speed Shop USA / Starfighter Motorsports                    Jan 2006 – Jul 2008

Manager / Web Designer

::  Design and maintain websites, internet advertising and other media.

::  I procured inventory for both store inventory and client sales.

::  I work with external marketing design firms and graphic designers to develop products that are both aesthetically pleasing and meet the performance requirements of the Internet.

::  Handled all aspects of customer sales and services in retail storefront;

    storefront closed July 2008.

::  Organized and created procedures for company records and financials. Created a company cash flow comparison and budget proposal. Handled A/R, A/P using Quickbooks Pro software; storefront closed July 2008.


OC Equity House / NuVision Funding                             Oct 2004 – Jul 2008

Consultant / Web Designer

::  Designed and maintained websites, internet advertising and other media for multiple business divisions.

::  I handled all aspects customer sales and services through the company’s websites, as a consultant for retail

    sales and customer services for three business: model airplane decal sales, automotive and residential window tinting, and home loan consulting.

::  I worked closely with in-house product designers for sales images and design

    of company products and logos.

::  I managed the company web server including configuration of web software, management of domains and DNS, as well as configured websites in Microsoft IIS.


IRC Technologies, Inc.                                               Aug 2001 – Mar 2004

Quality Assurance Supervisor


::  I assured proper product use and application for new construction and/or

     repairs to both roofing and waterproofing per manufacturer specifications.


::  I supervised and communicated between roofing application crew, general

    construction contractor, and consultants.


::  I performed first-level analysis and problem resolution with daily reports.


::  I trained new inspectors in report writing, application, and recognition of

    problem areas and product usage.


Buena Vista High School (BVHS)                                 Nov 2002 – Feb 2003



::  I resolved existing problems with network, desktop, printing, and software 

    issues, including Internet access issues, as well as application interface



::  I conducted first-level analysis, escalating unresolved problems to second and

    third-level Technology personnel and/or vendors.


::  I documented resolutions and/or network changes for future reference.


::  I assisted the technology staff in configuration, installation, and maintenance

    of desktops on campus.


::  I reported failures and issues within the network and/or software applications.


::  I worked with Desktop Support Staff and vendors to replace and/or upgrade

    systems, modifying configurations or software applications, and revising end-

    user procedures.


::  I assisted in hardware asset management by creating a system to tag, track

    and manage all physical desktop assets.


Angeles Shooting Ranges, Inc                                      Jul 1996 – Jan 2000

Manager - Bookkeeper


::  I cut inventory losses by 150% by end-of-year figures for three years

    translating into over $24,000 additional revenue.


::  I began company recycling program cutting costs for disposal by 30% over a

    two-year period.


::  I created over 200 spreadsheets and customer tracking data for over 4,000 customers; payroll, cost, and utilization tracking for supplies and utilities and other company assets.


::  I handled budgeting, profit and loss responsibilities for the entire facility;

    including special projects and property rental.


::  I designed and submitted plans for all county agencies to obtain licensing and



::  I handled all aspects of customer service and safety including writing rules

    and regulations for the entire facility.


::  I oversaw all aspects of employee hiring, firing, training, and extended

    education and monthly Safety Meetings.


::  I created a marketing program with separate inventory  to market the range and it’s high-end shooting supplies to future and/or existing customers at gun shows and gun stores throughout Southern California; increasing attendance as much as 400% from previous years.


Mount St. Mary’s College Bookstore                             Mar 1994 – Jul 1996

Text Manager II


::  Cut textbook returns within six months for the two sites by over 300%.


::  Maintained database for campus courses and special programs, approximately

    80 courses per campus, 350 textbook titles.


::  Acted as liaison to college professors and staff, college students.


::  Reported weekly to regional manager on two sites activities and status; daily

    reports accumulated and processed to home office.


::  Handled A/R, A/P for approximately 500 vendors using a custom database for

    order processing and returns.


::  Handled textbook buybacks from students, responsible for over $100,000 in 

    cash transactions.


::  Extended key-recs and ship-recs for shipping/receiving accountability.


Bobbe's Blossoms Florist / Affinity Floral Studio            Apr 1984 - Mar 1994



::  Designed and arranged floral arrangements for custom events and weddings,

    to include the Academy Awards Red Carpet Area six years in a row.

::  Designed arrangements for in-house accounts to include silk flower

    arrangements and Christmas decorations.

::  Maintained database for customers and supplies; reported to off-site owner on

    a daily basis.

::  Handled A/R, A/P for approximately 25 vendors, 120 accounts, and

    approximately 4000 telephone sales customers.

::  Used a custom database for order processing with out-of-town florists;

    for both shipping and receiving.

::  Routed delivery drivers for customer deliveries, supply deliveries, weddings,

    and other events.


Pacific Bio Marine Laboratories                                   Apr 1993 - Nov 1994

Lab Assistant


::  Maintained temperature and PH controlled habitats for ocean creatures in a

    lab setting.


::  Collected and provided ocean specimens for college lab classes and for lab

    research purposes.


::  Assisted in the dissection of sea creatures for cancer research using

    sophisticated lab equipment, to include a centrifuge and liquid nitrogen.




Shakey’s Pizza                                                          Feb 1987 – May 1988

Sales Associate


::  I handled all aspects of customer service, including preparing and fulfilling

    food orders.


::  Cleaned and prepared fast-food equipment for use.


::  Handled and prepared food surfaces and products for consumption. 


George M. Pardee Scout Sea Base                             Summers 1984 - 1993



::  Taught boating nomenclature for both sail and power boats for youth



::  Taught proper procedures for rowing, sailing, and motor-boating to youths.


::  Supervised small groups of youths in boating trips to/from Catalina Island.







Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management (BSTCM)

DeVry University of Southern California - Pomona, CA

Dean’s List, Honors Society.

Graduated with Honors (while working full-time) – Magna Cum Laude. GPA: 3.72/4.0


Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Project Management (MBA & MPM)

Keller Graduate School - Pomona, CA

Expected graduation date: Nov 2013




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